Tuesday, May 23, 2017

White Privilege and my Privilege (Quiz)

A few weeks ago I watched a video on Youtube with people taking a Buzzfeed quiz on how privileged they are (Video, Quiz). What I liked about the quiz is it was not just about white privilege but privilege in general.
As someone who is heterosexual and not questioning my gender, I am offered a certain level of privilege.

I can attest that others finding me pretty also affords me some privilege.
I took the quiz and scored 28 out of 100. This is a very low score.
I was a little taken back that it was so low and a bit disappointed.
However, this was fun but unscientific quiz so I put it out of my mind and moved on.

Well, today I got to take a survey on privilege written by someone in academia and I about cried.
The questions were more based on experiences and focused on race.
As I read and respond to the experiences I could see my score was going to be low.
I cannot expect to walk into a salon and someone there know how to do my hair.  
As an African American women, the idea that I have to search for someone trained to do my hair is not uncommon but is in thought unfair.  As I was reading the question it became very apparent that there is a world where people don’t have to worry about some of the things I have to worry about. Its mind blowing to see it written out.
I really wish I could share the quiz but I am pretty sure that is copyright infringement.
My score was 85 of 240.
Anyways I am going to put 10 experience below let me know how you score. I came up with this based off of the quiz I took. However, I do not have my Ph.D. so I cannot go to deeply into this. This is purely for self-reflection so please do keep all negative comments to self. Also if you have a experience you want to add please leave it in the comments.

5 - Always
4 - Most of the time
3 - Sometimes
2 - Rarely
1 - Never

I have not been judged based on my race.
I have not felt like if I make a mistake my race is blamed.
I have not had to fear being followed are watched in a store.
I have not spent a large amount of money and had people question if I had the money.
If I make a statement about race it is not dismissed as being radical or self-serving.
I can avoid people who would oppress me based on race.
I do not have to worry that my name will hinder my ability to find work.
My opinion will be heard even if I am the only person of my race in the group.
My race is represented in the media.
I do not have any fears of my safety because of my race.


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