Monday, May 8, 2017

Day 24: What I ate Today

Day 24: What did you eat today?

So I did something today that I have never really done and that is track what I have eaten all day.  Well I mostly tracked what I had eaten, I added one protein/coffee shake to the list. Before I get into what I ate and did not eat and what I learned I want to say why I am doing this.

I am doing this because I had to get a new fitness tracker and this one has an app that tracks food. Now that is not the big part the big part is it also tracks how many calories I burn just being alive. I am looking at the number of 1184 calories burned without doing anything and I started to wonder, am I eating enough? Do I even consume 1200 calories a day?

The answer to that last questions is I think NOT. Today was one of my good days I ate more than I normally would.

What I had for breakfast, what you see pictured is not all I ate I also had some cranberry juice. I only ate one of the two turkey pates,  about half of the fruit, and I dumped out a little less of the protein/coffee shake that you see in the picture.

Lunch was a mix of whatever I had at the house. I usually eat a hot pocket for lunch, not the rice crispy or oatmeal cookie (my cycle is due so I will eat what I want). I also on most days eat the apples in the morning with my protein/coffee shake.

Now normally dinner would not happen, I would eat a little bit of chips, maybe a rice crispy, fruit but usually that is it. I know it is bad. Anyways today I had curry shrimp and rice and I almost finished the bowl.

What I have learned is I need more veggies I had none today. What I am happy to see is that I am still really good at not eating junk and drinking it too. Today I had no soda because of the cookie. I also see I do not take in enough calories to really have something to burn I had 1440 calories today. However, if I take away what I normally would not eat/drink I am sitting at maybe 1000 calories. I run around after children all day I cannot be not eating enough. I have to come up with a game plan.


  1. It is such a great idea to track what and how much you eat no matter what your health situation is.

  2. Looks like you ate a whole healthier then I did today!! But I did stock up on some frozen veggies!!

  3. curry shrimp and rice is my favourite..hmm..feel like eating it now. Yah getting more veggies to eat sometimes can be a challenge. Its great to be able to track what you eat so we are more conscious about it.

  4. It sounds like you've taken steps to change your daily food intake where it serves you better. If the goal is to lose weight, diet isn't enough. You will have to workout and you will have to make a commitment to workout and eat well for life.

  5. I always learn something when I track my food for the day. It's amazing how much you can under and over estimate what you eat.