Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 23: I am Working On

I have not written in a few days, my mind has been over active so I have not been writing. I am hoping in the next few weeks to see a doctor about my anxiety. I am very happy that I have been go with the flow and not betting myself up because I cannot get my mind to working the way I want.

Day 23: What are you working on?

One way I am keeping my mind busy is kind of keeping it moving while it is racing. That is I am doing more topic hopping when it come to everything. I have been really into Buzzfeed on YouTube because it is a lot going on but staying on topic I am working on three things.

Getting back on budget.
The last two months have been budget busters. I have had to go into my savings a few times. Between Noah's birthday, teacher appreciation week, and me getting sick twice (in 30 days) things have been costly. So this month I am going to try and reel in the spending.

Going ethical with MY clothing.
This means that my clothing will be made not in sweat shops and possible animal and environmental friendly. I have pretty much been the same size since I was 14 so I feel at this point I can invest on clothing. I also want a minimalist wardrobe. I want to own no more than 100 pieces of clothing including shoes and other accessories. I am not going to do this with Noah because he is growing too fast and ethical clothing is HELLA expensive.  At this point I am getting a list of companies together where I can shop and really get an idea of how much this is going to cost. I am happy because I have some big ticket items already in my closet (jacket, sweaters, and some shoes) and even though they are not from ethical companies they are good quality.

Taking a class on SEO (search engine optimization).
This is something that up until this year did not peak my intrest at all. However, this is going to have a big impact on people's ability to find my blog (through search engines) and book. So I feel it is that time to really learn a few things. So far it has been fun to work my brain and see what little things really make a big difference with the blog.

So as you can see my mind is jumping all over the place and it sucks if I am being honest. I cannot really relax, I cannot get to much done with the book because I cannot stay focused. I think what is saving me is I do not have a delusion that I am feeling anything other than what I am feeling right now, and that I am at the point I need to see a doctor. I feel I dealt with anxiety from a very young age and that I know when I cannot deal alone. I feel sometimes medication is what you need. I feel I have nothing to really be anxious or worried about so the fact that I am may just be cimical at this point. I am okay with saying I need help.


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