Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day 22: Self-lLmiting Belief

I did not write yesterday because the internet keeps going out and I have been trying to follow doctors orders.  I am three days into my 5 days of antibiotics, and I am feeling better in some ways and not in others.

Day 22: What is my biggest self-limiting belief?

I feel like I have a long list of self-limiting beliefs, but my worst one is “I need”

I need more experience
I need more connections
I need more knowledge
I need to think it through
I need someone to tell me I can do it

I feel I rarely get to the point where I am sure of something, and when I do someone comes along to remind me that I need “something”. However, this is something that I have started to deal with. I am realizing that I can never be 100% sure, or 100% ready, but I can take the chance and go for it.

One thing I have done that I did not wait for permission to do (although I did get a lot of encouragement) is apply for a masters program. Do I feel 100% sure or 100% ready, absolutely not, but I should not just sit back and do nothing. I want a change in my life and this is one of the ways I am going to bring about that change.


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