Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 21: Self Care

I did not write yesterday due to health issues. Over night I got a fever, and now I am out of work till the end of the week. So today’s question is in line with what is going on in my life.

Day 21: What can I do to better take care of myself?

I think taking care of oneself falls on many different levels:

I am having an issues in all three areas. I applied for a masters program not just to get me into a better career but also to work my brain. I feel like I do not get to challenge my brain on a day to day basis and I do not like that.

Physically I am hard on my body working with children and always exposed to germs and illness. I need to really be willing to take time from work to take care of my health. I was told a few weeks ago when I got sick not to go back to work and I did it anyway. However, this week I am staying home as the doctor requested. My physical health is a priority.

Spiritually I could be doing more. I need to find a way to bring what I believe into my day to day life. I am not someone who really believes in praying so I have to find something that I believe in always doing.

To sum everything up I just need to make my health a priority. I am slowly starting to see this.


  1. I hope you feel better soon....losing 3 days of work is never fun. Your featured photo is lovely....

  2. Pls take a good care of your health. Even with million dollars in hand, it means nothing if your health is not there.