Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 2-3 Happiness

I am doing day two and three together because I have been really busy and did not get to day two yesterday. As I am typing this I am falling asleep so forgive me if it makes no sense.

Day 2: What do I need more of in in my life?

I need more confidence in myself. This is something I struggle with and I am not talking about in my looks. I am talking about the confidence to do things I want to do, and take chances in myself. I also need more self love. I have a lot of guilt about doing things for myself if it cost more than $20 at one time. I kind of feel that these things are entwined in one another and that I cannot fix one without fixing the other. I had someone ask me if I wanted to a one on one yoga program for a month and after she told me the price was $350 I could not get pass that. While I am not sold on the idea of yoga program like that online the fact that my first thought is I am selfish for even thinking about it is a problem. I feel like I do not value myself as much and that is not good.  I have made up my mind that I am going to have to budget $60 to $80 a month just for me and get pass this guilt.

Day 3: What would make me happy right now?

Sleep would make me very happy LOL. In all seriousness a vacation would make me very happy right now. I would love the chance to just sit on beach somewhere and do nothing, and worry about nothing, and be around nothing. I need a reset at this point and I am vowing to myself by the end of the year I will have set on a beach.


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