Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 19 & 20: Self Love and Birthday Fun

I am posting both days today. I started day 19 yesterday but felt very ill and just went to bed.

Day 19: Self Love and Birthday Fun

Today was Noah's birthday and he had a blast. We went to the Coca Cola Factory and Toy’s R Us. Noah really got the chance to run the day and that went to his head a bit. I was pleasantly surprised about two things today.

  1. Noah did not want a truck toy from the story.
  2. He did not drink his weight in cola.

Noah really did not to a long time at the Coca Cola Factory but he implanted the idea of going to the children's museum. So I am going to making plans to take Noah there soon.

Speaking of museums, I am planing a tip myself hopefully with another adult (aka child free) to the High museum of Art. If you are in my google + group (if not join here) you know that every Saturday is self love Saturday and I made sure to stick to this even on Noah's birthday. I did two things for myself.

  1. Bought myself something at the Coca Cola Factory without guilt (progress).
  2. I tried craw-fish because I really wanted to try it. (fyi it was nasty)

I am very proud of myself for not feeling guilty for spending $60 on myself at one time. It was not like it was something I needed I just wanted it so I bought it. Little steps to self love really do make all the difference.

Day 20: Is it enough?

Today I had a talk with my twin (always enjoy those). We got to talking about math and our sons (who are 6 weeks apart). She was telling me about how well her son was doing with his adding and other such things. I told her about my concerns about Noah getting frustrated when we do math and she said something that blew my mind. She said that Noah might not be challenged enough.

I went to school for child development and my twin went for early childhood education so in many ways we have some knowledge that the other does not have. My twin has been really helpful in the past on giving me tips for teaching Noah things.

Tonight while doing math with Noah we did adding and I feel my twin is right about Noah. I am going to try more challenging math and see if it tempers some of his frustrations with math. I never thought of the frustration as coming from boredom but I would like to see if that is the case.


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